2022 United States Small Business Tour

April 22 - May 11 #OpenForBusiness

Please Note: Many of the airports and locations we are landing at are NOT open to the general public. These are FAA/TSA and local rules, not ours. We have multiple PUBLIC meetups scheduled, and I hope to see you there!
It is also important to note, weather WILL change our plans. The chances of hitting 100% of our locations on time/as planned are slim, but we will try our best 👍 💪

Google Maps of Planned Route

👉 Influencer Guest List 👈

Day 1: Friday, April 22, 2022

Starting at The Tampa International Airport (KTPA) in Tampa, Florida, at 7:00 AM EDT, we begin our journey. Thanks to our life-safety vests from Switlik Aviation, we can safely (and legally) over parts of the Gulf of Mexico as we fly towards Apalachicola, Florida (KAAF) for a quick refuel; we are back in the sky, heading to Mobile, Alabama (KBFM). Sadly, this visit to Alabama will be short, and after a brief stretch of the legs, photos, and refueling, we are back in the air to head to Mississippi.

Arriving in Gulfport, Mississippi (KGPT) around 11:00 AM CDT, we meet our first guest Maj C.W. Lemoine "Mover" and the fantastic crew at the Harrison County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit for lunch.

Depending on everyone's schedule, we hope to have Mover fly with us to our next final destination for the day, New Orleans, Louisiana (KNEW).


Day 2: Saturday, April 23, 2022

Picking up where we left off at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport (KNEW) in New Orleans, Louisiana, we will leave at 7:00 AM CDT to start on Day #2. Initially, the plan was to meet businesswomen and professional model Kristen Ottea and her husband & business partner Jared in San Antonio, TX. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we could not make it out to San Antonino to meet them. Instead, we plan a virtual interview to discuss their Taxidermy business.

Our first refuel stop of the day will be at the Monroe Regional Airport in Monroe (KMLU), Louisiana. We will stop, explore the town, grab an early lunch and hop back up into the air for our final destination of the day, Memorial Field Airport (KHOT) in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Planned Path: KAEX KMLU KHOT

Day 3: Sunday, April 24, 2022

Another bright and early morning, in the air by 7:00 AM CDT, leaving Hot Springs, Arkansas, for a 1.5-hour flight to Memphis, Tennessee (KMEM).

We hope to have a public meetup open to everyone, more details to follow.

Leaving Memphis in the early afternoon, we load up for two quick state visits. The first stop is Barkley Regional Airport (KPAH) in Paducah, Kentucky, then over to Waynesville - St. Robert Regional Airport in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (KTBN), and finally landing in Pittsburg, Kansas (KPTS) for the night at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites.

That is five states in one day. I really wish we could spend more time in each state, but we have a very short window to complete this trip.


Day 4: Monday, April 25

Day 4 starts with us leaving Kansas for a few hours and heading to Alva, Oklahoma (KVAK), for our first refuel stop of the day, then a quick hop over to Liberal, Kansas (KLBL) for a second refueling stop as we head to Raton, New Mexico (KRTN) for lunch.

After lunch, we head to our final destination of the day Colorado Springs, Colorado (KCOS), spending the night at the world-famous The Broadmoor Resort.


Day 5: Tuesday, April 26

On Day 5, we will enjoy some of the sights of Colorado Springs with all of you during a public meetup at lunchtime. More details are forthcoming.

Then, in the evening, we take off for a quick 1.5-hour flight to Wyoming for the night.

Planned Path: KCOS KCYS

Day 6: Wednesday, April 27

Due to scheduling conflicts and the need to squeeze in pre-scheduled helicopter maintenance, we needed to trim part of this trip. Unforuntently that means we had to drop Arizona and southern California from the trip. But don't worry, we are already planning a second (much longer trip) to visit these states and give them the proper love. ❤️❤️

Taking off at 6:00 AM MDT from Cheyenne, Wyoming, we start heading west, avoiding some unnecessary higher elevation areas; as we enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature as we approach our first destination of the day, Shively Field in Saratoga, Wyoming (KSAA). It is a little early in our day to refuel, but we might need to fly with less than full fuel tanks due to some of the higher elevation flying. This is one of our first refuel stops (if needed). Our next Wyoming stop is Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport (KRK) in Rock Springs. If we didn't need fuel in Saratoga, we definitely will need fuel by now.

After refueling the helicopter and stretching our legs, we are back in the air as we head out to Utah. We will land at Skypark Airport (KBTF) in Salt Lake City, UT, refuel the helicopter, and grab some lunch. After another 1.5 hours in the air, the helicopter will need some fuel, and the crew will be hungry.

The happy flight crew takes to the air with full bellies as we pass by Sam's highly top-secret production facility🤫. This is where he keeps his team of unpaid interns locked up as they crank out YouTube videos on random topics that are only half as interesting as our incredible nationwide #OpenForBusiness tour.

We now enter the highest elevation areas of our trip, and because helicopters are not fans of being "Hot, High, and Heavy," we will try to navigate through some of the valleys. The downside to this is that fog may delay us and, of course, the ever-present wires. We will take our time, with both pilots on a constant lookout for safety.

Our final stop of the day is Reno-Stead Airport (KRTS) in Reno, NV.


Day 7: Thursday, April 28

After yesterday's very long day, today will be a welcomed shorter day with only about 3 hours of flying, but don't let that fool you; we also have a great destination planned for the day!

We head out to Sacramento, California, picking up where we left off yesterday in Reno, Nevada, and we fly for about an hour and land at Sacramento McClellan Airport (KMCC). The helicopter will need some fuel (she is a pretty bird, but she drinks JetA like crazy); while on the ground, we will head to the other end of the airport and visit our friends at the US Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento.

After spending a few hours with the Coast Guardsmen learning about water & aviation safety and how military service trains young men & women to be outstanding entrepreneurs, we have the honor of meeting Jaspreet Singh (The Minority Mindset), as he joins us in the helicopter for a one-on-one interview.

After an amazing day w make one last flight and land at Crater Lake - Klamath Regional Airport (KLMT) in Klamath County, Oregon, in the mid-afternoon and spend the night.

Planned Path: KRTS KMCC KLMT

Day 8: Friday, April 29

Taking off from Crater Lake/Klamath Regional, OR (KLMT), we fly for about two hours and land in Dalles. No, not the Lone Star State; we are up in the Pacific Northwest, and our first stop is the Columbia Gorge Regional Airport (KDLS) in Dalles, OR.

After refueling, it is time to leave Oregon and head to Washington state, heading back to the air, landing at Yakima Air Terminal (KYKM) in Yakima, Washington. No trip to Yakima would be complete without meeting Don, the CEO of Minutemen Coffee Co.

Our final stop of the day is the Coeur d'Alene Airport (KCOE) in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to take some much-needed rest for a few days.


Day 9: Saturday, April 30

No flights are scheduled for today. After 40+ hours of flying in the past eight days, the helicopter needs preventative maintenance (oil change, inspection, etc.), and the crew needs some rest.

We will probably rent a car and explore the town as well.

Planned Path: No Flying Today 🚁 🚁

Day 10: Sunday, May 1

After some much-needed rest for the crew and a clean bill of health for the helicopter, we are back in the air, leaving Idaho and heading out to Montana.

Our first stop is Ronan, Montana (7S0) to have an lunch with Cartoonist Ben Garrison as we discuss the business side of political cartoons.

Great Falls, Montana (KGTF) is our next step for a quick fuel stop.

Finally, back in the air towards our final destination for the day, Lewistown, Montana (KLWT).

We will spend the night in the gorgeous Calvert Hotel at 216 7th Ave S, Lewistown, MT 59457.

Planned Path: KCOE 7S0 KGTF KLWT

Day 11: Monday, May 2

Up bright and early, the crew is back in the air for a 1.5-hour flight to Miles City Airport (KMLS) in Miles City, Montana.

Refueling complete, we are back in the air heading to Bowman Regional Airport (KBWW) in Bowman, North Dakota. The helicopter will need some fuel, and so will the crew. We plan to grab a fantastic burger at Grazers Burgers.

Our final 2-hour flight of the day gets us to Pierre, South Dakota, at the Pierre Regional Airport (KPIR). We will spend the night in Pierre.


Day 12: Tuesday, May 3

Pickup up into the air from Pierre, SD, we head out to Nebraska, landing at the O'Neill-John L Baker Municipal Airport (KONL) in O'Neil, Nebraska.

Crossing the timezone, switching from MDT to CDT flights will seem longer than they actually are. With a 1.5-hour flight taking "2.5 clock hours."

Our next stop is Sioux Gateway Airport (KSUX) in Sioux City, Iowa. The helicopter will need fuel, and the crew will need some fuel as well. After some yummy lunch, we are back in the air heading to Minnesota.

Landing at Austin Municipal Airport (KAUM) in Austin, Minnesota, to spend the night.


Day 13: Wednesday, May 4

Picking up where we left off, we plan to fly to Monroe Municipal Airport Office (KEFT) in Monroe, Wisconsin. This is a just under 2-hour flight, and we hope to be at the airport around 9:00 CDT. After some fuel, we are back in the air.

Landing in Rockford, Illinois, for our first meetup & interview of the day with Fire Dept Coffee CEO Luke Schneider around 11:00 AM CDT.

After sufficiently caffeinating the flight crew, we are back in the air heading to Warsaw, Indiana (KASW), for our final interview of the day. Here we meet with Best Selling Author, Certified Flight Instructor, and Owner of Helicopter Online Ground School, Kenny Keller.

Finally, back in the air for the final leg of today's trip takes us about 45 minutes to get to Adrian, Michigan (KADG), for the night.


Day 14: Thursday, May 5

Starting our day at Adrian, fly for a little over an hour and land at John Glenn Columbus International Airport (KCMH) in Columbus, Ohio.

After some much-needed leg stretching, some yummy food in our bellies, and more fuel in the helicopter, we pick up our second guest of the day, Brandon Schlichter, creator of "Investment Joy."

Brandon will fly with us for the next 1.5-hour flight to Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (KPIT). By now, it has been a very long day; we will spend the night in Pittsburgh and pick back up in the morning.

Planned Path: KADG KCMH KPIT

Day 15: Friday, May 6

Planned Path: No Flying Today 🚁 🚁

Day 16: Saturday, May 7:

After a nice rest day in Pittsburg, we are back up in the air heading towards Pennsylvania, with our first stop at Clearfield-Lawrence Township Airport (KFIG) in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Here we will pick up our first guest of the day, real estate investment professional Larry Ross.

We will have a great conversation with Larry over the next 45 minutes as we fly to Williamsport Regional Airport (KIPT) in Williamsport, PA, to drop Larry off near his house. This will be our first planned refuel stop for the day as well.

Our final destination of the day is the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport (KITH) in Ithaca, New York. Tonight we will spend the night at the beautiful Boutique Hotel, The Rogues Harbor Inn.


Day 17: Sunday, May 8:

After a fantastic rest at the The Rogues Harbor Inn, we plan to enjoy the town for the morning before we leave.

In the afternoon, we take off and fly to one of the larger airports on our trip. As you know, we try to stick to smaller General Aviation airports for a few reasons, but today, we have a special guest flying in, and we need to pick her up at a larger airport.

Landing at Albany International Airport (KALB), we meet businesswoman and professional outdoors adventure woman and tour organizer Danielle Dorrie, owner of Love Maine Adventures. She will fly with us for the one-hour flight from Albany to Maine as we discuss her business.

After our chat with Danielle, we will drop her off in Portland, Maine, and refuel the helicopter to be ready for our last flight of the day. Leaving Maine, we head down to Norwood, Massachusetts (KOWD) to spend the night.


Day 18: Monday, May 9:

Starting our day bright and early, we take off from Norwood Memorial Airport, flying over Rhode Island, on our way to New Haven, Connecticut.

Landing at Tweed New Haven Airport (KHVN), we park the helicopter and head out to check out the town. We have only a few short hours to enjoy RI and grab a bite to eat before meeting our first guest of the day, accountant Boris Musheyev, CPA.

With Boris on board the helicopter, we enjoy a 45-minute interview with him as we discuss tax strategies and suggestions for small business owners. Once we hit the busy New York City airspace, we will pause the interview and enjoy the city's beauty.

After passing through the Hudson River, we head to the southwest and fly to the Trenton-Mercer Airport (KTTN) in Trenton, New Jersey, for the night.

Planned Path: KOWD KHVN 41.176/-73.895 40.906/-73.92 40.688/-74.038 40.538/-74.054 KTTN

More Dates/Locations to be Released SOON!