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As much as we would LOVE to offer you this amazing opportunity for free, everything in the world costs money. But I ask you: how much is reviving your small business and turning it into a thriving name worth? Priceless, right?

Now, I know you’re probably wondering why we chose a helicopter if it was so expensive. Surely there were cheaper options for our travel?

The short answer: yes, there were cheaper options. But they wouldn’t bring us 10% of the attention a stylish helicopter will.

When we fly around and land somewhere in a rockin’ helicopter, everyone’s going to stop and stare. They’re going to pull out their phones and Instagram Live the heck out of our landing - and your small business.

So, we chose the more expensive option. But we’re committed to keeping your fees as low as possible, which is why we’ve got three different levels of financial support for you to choose from.

Let’s revive our economy, one small business at a time.

Feature Your Business and Sponsor This Campaign

Please choose your level of financial support:

Basic Listing



(Limited Time Only)

We’ll list your business loud and proud in our Business Showcase, located on the www.OpenFor.Business website. You can provide a photograph/logo, a text description of your services, and a link to your website/social media accounts. All eyes on you whenever we get traffic to our site (which is ALOT).

Premium Sponsor



(Limited Time Only)

Everything in Featured Listing, your support will also entitle you to:

  • Five 45+ seconds ad-spots on The Steven Carlson Show (one on a daily vlog video during the trip and four on main channel videos.) We’ll talk about your awesome product or service. A $7,600 value per third-party auditor
  • Your company links top placement in the video show description on your sponsored videos
  • You’ll be listed as a sponsor in the description for every vlog in the series
  • Your business included in the marketing materials we’ll be carrying with us around the country
  • [Prioritized] Eligible for possible helicopter landing at your business location (see below)
  • Logo placement on www.OpenFor.Business homepage
VERY LIMITED - Only 15 spots total.

#OpenForBusiness Helicopter - Land at your place of business

Costs vary (Featured & Sponsored Levels only)

  • No matter what level of commitment you choose, we will try out best to arrive in person at as many business locations as possible.
  • Please keep in mind, we are constrained on time, and with logistics, there are certain parts in each state where it is not practical or safe to fly the helicopter. We will prioritize premium sponsors; however, please note, no level of commitment guarantees we will land at your business location.
  • If you would like to be considered for this, please let us know. One of our pilots will discuss availability and safety concerns with you. Also, please note, depending on your location and distance from our pre-established flight plan, you may incur additional charges to cover the costs of flying to your site. All of this will be discussed before the trip, and we will not surprise you with any bills after the fact.
  • For safety, no one from your location will be allowed in the helicopter at any time; however, you may pose for photographs in front of the helicopter when safe and appropriate at the sole discretion of the Cheif Pilot.

Lodging, Food, and Accommodations

  • If you are in the hospitality industry and are interested in providing food or lodging support to us throughout the trip, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss options. Or, if you wish for us to eat, drink, or use your products throughout the trip, let us know. Please note that we are constrained on space and weight in the helicopter, limiting what we can bring with us.

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