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Used Car Dealer Website Management System


Digital Marketing and SEO Services for Independent Used Car Dealerships

  • Complete State-of-the-Art Website System
  • Gorgeous car dealership web designs
  • Craigslist Autopost Campaign Manager
  • Industry leading Auto Dealership SEO
  • Google compliant mobile friendly site pages
  • Fully Optimized for Google & Bing. Exclusive auto dealer SEO tools
  • Built-in support for social media platforms Facebook & Twitter
  • Powered by the most advanced servers on the net, best in speed & reliability

AutoCorner was first to market in many innovations with multiple industry-leading features and quickly became the defacto standard for small to medium independently owned used car dealerships within the United States.

They are proud to support #OpenForBusiness and are advocates for the nation's small business entrepreneurs.

Dealer SEO Optimization

You Do Not To Need To Hire An Expensive SEO Company To Manage Your Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Security Built In

Autocorner Was The First AND Is Still One Of The Very Few Providers To Be Fully Compliant With Google's New Algorithm

iOS/Android Dealer App

Manage Your Digital Presence Away From Your Office with our iOS (iPhone & iPad Compatible)/Android App. The App...

Advanced Analytics

With All the Increased SEO And Online Marketing You Will Be Doing With AutoCorner, wouldn't It Be Nice To Get...


AutoCorner was founded in 2000 by Albert Dewey as a side project and in 2009 incorporated into its own business when Steven Carlson joined the team—growing into the third-largest provider of websites for independent used car dealerships in 2019.

Before Steven moved to Virginia to work on the AutoCorner project with Albert, he was a successful real estate investor, making a considerable profit on each of his single-family foreclosure flips. He took some of his money and used it as seed capital to take Albert's side project and turn it into a full-fledged business.

It was 2009, and Steven joined with Albert to create AutoCorner, LLC (then known as stockNum Systems, LLC); the two of them would pack up for the day in Albert's VW Jetta each morning for a day of selling. Driving to every used car dealership within a day's drive, they would sign car dealers up in person during the day. Then spend their evenings into late-night manually setting up each website for that day's new customers. Times were tough, the economy was hit hard after the 2008 real estate crash, and to say finances were tight would be an understatement, but this did not deter them; they continued to work hard daily without rest or complaint.

As time went on, Albert noticed the two of them were spending way too much time setting up each individual website, and he sat down and programmed a new automated website deployment system. Initially, it was a very basic system, capable of shorting a new website deployment down from an hour to a few minutes. This time savings meant more time improving the product and more time selling, rather than on maintenance.

Over the years, it has turned into an incredibly advanced backend management system capable of handling tens of thousands of used car dealership websites, billing, email, website hosting, inventory management, feed distribution, and more. Today, the backend system that manages all of the AutoCorner powered websites is far more complex than the actual AutoCorner system the car dealerships use.

The core technology developed by Albert that runs the new AutoCorner v4.0 system will also power the upcoming system branching out into new verticals outside of strictly the used car dealership website market. Look for updates and announcements in Fall 2022.

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